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The progressive jackpots keep growing until someone hits the maximum jackpot. There are millions up for grabs! Do you want to be the next winner?

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Bet on the jackpot with our jackpots or progressive jackpots. In Lottofy you can find all the accumulated prizes of the best slots to play online. Don't let someone else win these incredible prizes and start the wheel spinning!

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What are jackpots or progressive jackpots?

Also known as jackpots, accumulated jackpot or major prize, the progressive jackpots are a type of prize that you can find in some of our slots, slot machines or slot machines. Unlike the classic fixed prizes, jackpots are accumulated jackpots that grow bigger and bigger as more and more games are played without a winner. In short, these jackpots are the ones that award the biggest prizes. Therefore, there is no limit or maximum amount that can be accumulated, which is what makes them so attractive to slot lovers.

How do progressive jackpot slots work?

Every time a player places a bet on progressive jackpot slots, the machine will add a percentage of the amount wagered to the accumulated jackpot. This is why the jackpots grow so fast and multiply all the time, adding up to unlimited prizes. But you must be careful! As the results of slot machines are totally random, the prize can come out at any time.

Do you feel the noise of the machine announcing the winning combination? Once the lucky player wins the prize, he/she will take the accumulated total and the jackpot will start again from the base jackpot, adding again the players' bets.

Should I play an accumulative jackpot?

You may be asking yourself, why play a progressive jackpot?, what are the advantages of playing a progressive jackpot? Although there are no formulas that allow us to predict which slot will announce the next winner, it is true that playing progressive jackpots has some advantages that you should take into account when choosing your next bet: they allow you to win the biggest prizes you will find in all slots, they are much easier to play than other games that also offer progressive jackpots and they allow you to win prizes that are just as important.

What is the difference between playing a progressive jackpot and a traditional slot?

Traditional slot games allow winning very important prizes, including jackpots. But all these prizes have a fixed maximum value and, moreover, they can be won by more than one player and more than once. Traditional slots and slot machines are all the time giving these prizes to players. In addition, they allow winning prizes of a smaller value depending on the amount the player bets, so they have more betting flexibility and award more variety of prizes.

However, progressive jackpots are unique prizes that accumulate and grow with each play. In addition, the most common thing is that a progressive jackpot requires the player to place the maximum bet in order to win the final prize, or even that it is necessary to unlock certain bonuses to obtain the winning combination. Therefore, it is important that before playing you carefully read all the information and rules of each game to know the requirements and combinations needed to win the jackpot.

Is there less chance of winning an accumulated jackpot than a fixed jackpot?

Actually, no. Although the prizes may be much bigger than those of a classic slot, this does not mean that there is less chance of winning the jackpot. Just as in the case of fixed prizes, slot games and slots with progressive jackpots are programmed by means of an RNG (Random Number Generator), which yields totally unpredictable and random results. Thus, the winning combination can come out at any time, without increasing or decreasing the winning probabilities with respect to the rest of the games. All progressive jackpots have been won at some point, so be patient!

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can win in a progressive jackpot?

No: every time a player spins the wheel without winning, the prize increases even more, so until no one wins the jackpot, there is no cap on its value. The largest progressive jackpot won to date was over €20 million, and guess what? It was won on the Mega Moolah slot that you can play at Lottofy con plus jackpots!

Is it better to play progressive jackpots in online slots?

The online progressive jackpots have the advantage of being the slots that offer the biggest jackpots. As most of these games are linked to each other, they accumulate prizes for all the plays made by the players in all the online casinos. Because of this, you are more likely to find the largest jackpots at online casinos.

What types of progressive jackpots are there?

Although most online slots offer the possibility of betting on jackpots accumulated among users of various casinos, there are three types of jackpots or progressive jackpots:

  • Independent progressive jackpots: In this type of slots, the progressive jackpots are accumulated by adding the spins of the same machine, so the accumulated prizes are usually smaller.
  • Network progressive jackpots or wide area progressive jackpots: In this case, the progressive jackpot accumulates the plays of all the players who play the slot in different casinos, since these are interconnected, which makes the size of the prizes even bigger.
  • Progressive jackpot in-house: These are more common in land-based casinos, as progressive jackpots accumulate prizes from all linked slots in the same casino.

What is the RTP of an online slot?

The RTP is the Return To Player rate. It is a percentage that indicates how much of the player's stake will be returned to him after his play. If, for example, a slot has an RTP of 95% it means that out of every 100 coins played the player will receive 95 and the game will keep the other 5. It is estimated that a percentage between 90.99% and 94.99% is considered a low RTP; between 95% and 97.99% is considered an average RTP; and an RTP higher than 98% is one of the highest that can be found in slot games, slots or online slots.

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