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Scratch your scratch-off and win big prizes by revealing what it hides. Numerous prizes await underneath every square. Play online whenever you want!

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  • Lucky Leprechaun Scratch
  • Viking Wilds Scratch
  • Cherry Blast Scratch
  • Sure Win Scratch

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Scratch and win... and discover incredible prizes in each box!

Scratch cards... No matter what you call them, you have surely played at some time or another scratching the classic cardboard to find out if the winning box is underneath. Forget about having your coins at hand! You won't need them to scratch and win the incredible prizes hidden behind our online scratch cards. At Lottofy you can play some of the most popular online scratch cards on the web and win prizes in the easiest way, without losing the excitement of gradually discovering the winning symbols and with many more options thanks to the best online gaming technologies. Try our free scratch cards demos whenever you want!

Learn more about online scratch cards

Scratch Cards, scrapers and scratch-offs, a classic that never goes out of style

The classic card games, first introduced in 1974, are one of the simplest and most popular games of chance. Who hasn't ever bought one of these cards and scratched it with a coin to try their luck? There are many types and themes, but in all of them, the gameplay is very simple: you just have to scratch the card following the indications and find out if under the protective layer there are hidden some of its multiple prizes.

Since their appearance, they have become very popular not only because of their simplicity, but also because they often award prizes and are very cheap to play: you can get cards from 0.25€. This is why, for several years now, the best developers of online gambling games have incorporated scratch card games to the web, making it easier for you to play at any time and anywhere in increasingly innovative formats. Be sure to try your luck with Lottofy scratch cards!

Online scratch cards, how does it work?

To play scratch cards online, you will have to do the same as you would do if you were buying a card in the store. First, you will have to choose the card you want to buy: you will have at your disposal online scratch cards and scratch cards with different price ranges. Obviously, the higher the value of the scratch card, the bigger the prizes, but even the cheapest scratch cards can hide great rewards!

Once you have chosen your card, you must uncover the symbols hidden behind the squares according to the instructions of the game. Scratch cards usually have a layout of 3x3 squares and, in most cases, the objective is to find as many similar figures as possible. Some scratch cards have limits on the number of squares you can scratch and some others have multipliers and special symbols that can increase the value of your prizes, so it is recommended that you read the rules of the game carefully before playing.

Advantages of online scratch cards

Besides being very simple to play, of its low costs. and little time.that requires you to scratch the boxes and win great prizes, online scratch cards have a great advantage: you can try them for free as many times as you want! Play Lottofy free scratch cards and try the different types of games, familiarizing yourself with their rules and symbols to be better prepared to buy them and win real prizes.

But there's more: playing scratch cards online will save you from having to go to the store to buy the cards. You can play as many times as you want from wherever you are, since all our scratch card games are also optimized for mobile play. With virtual scratch cards, you don't even have to worry about having a coin at hand! And not only that. Playing scratch cards from your registered user account allows you to collect your rewards instantly. Fast and hassle-free.

Learn about all the types of scratch cards you can play online

There are different types of cards, depending on the boxes you have to uncover or the symbols you have to find to win:

  • Traditional cards: The most common scratch cards usually imitate the classic format of physical cards. To win, you must scratch off all the boxes and find out if there are at least 3 of the same symbols on your card.
  • Cards with limited number of squares: This type of card is also quite common and, unlike traditional cards, they have a limited number of squares that you can scratch off to find matching symbols.
  • Row cards: In this type of scratch card, the condition is that you must obtain a certain number of identical figures in the same row.
  • Cards with prizes by number of symbols: If you acquire one of these cards, your objective will be to discover as many of the same symbols as possible.
  • Cards with jackpots or progressive jackpots: Although they are less common, there are also cards that allow players to obtain an accumulated prize, which increases every time a player scratches a card but does not win.

Not all shapes are the same: learn which are the special symbols on scratch cards

While you are uncovering each square you must be very attentive: there are certain symbols that can grant you special prizes or even multiply them:

  • Wild or joker: If among your squares you uncover a joker, you are in luck, since this figure replaces the symbol you are missing to win. For example, if you have uncovered two identical figures and you are missing only one more, the wild symbol will make you win immediately.
  • Bonus: These symbols will allow you to continue participating, providing additional bonuses to place new bets.
  • Lucky wheel and special images: This type of figures are very important since they generally allow you to multiply the prizes obtained, or even obtain additional credits.

Reliability of scratch cards: how random are the results of scratch cards?

You may wonder if the results that await under each square will be truly random, and the answer is yes: Our game suppliers develop all their products so that the results are produced by an RNG or Random Number Generator. An RNG guarantees that the results of each card are completely random and unpredictable: neither the player, nor the developer, nor the supplier can ever anticipate the results under each box. In addition, this RNG is audited by the relevant gaming authorities, so you can play with the complete peace of mind of guaranteed fair and safe play.

Tips and strategies for playing scratch cards online

As these are completely random games, where you only have to scratch the squares to discover the prizes and the odds of winning are completely random, the player's strategies must be mainly directed to budget management. It is important that you set yourself a limited budget to play and winnings limits to anticipate until when to play. This will also help you choose the best cards to play, as you will have different price options to bet on. Keep in mind that, although all cards can award big prizes, the more the card is worth, the bigger the reward will also be. We also recommend that you try our free scratch cards demos before betting, as this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the different games and their special symbols.

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