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Joining a Lottery Group: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Jackpot

Find out what lottery groups are and how they can help you increase your chances of winning by joining forces with other players.

What are lottery groups and how they can help us to win the jackpot
What are lottery groups and how they can help us to win the jackpot

In recent years, the number of people playing in lottery pools has increased. The emergence of new technologies and the options provided by powerful platforms dedicated exclusively to the sale of lottery tickets online has contributed to this. The chances of winning a prize increase as with considerably less money than budgeted we have the possibility of playing more bets.

What are lottery pools?

Lottery groups, also known as lottery syndicates, clubs or lottery pools, are a popular way of increasing the chances of winning the lottery. They consist of a group of people pooling their money to buy several tickets for the same lottery draw (or why not, for several at the same time). This allows them to play more numbers and combinations, increasing their chances of winning. Lottery groups can be formed between friends, family members, co-workers, or even strangers, if you take advantage of the online groups mentioned below. Although lottery groups do not guarantee a prize, they offer a fun and social way to participate in the excitement of playing the lottery.

Types of lottery groups

There are several options when it comes to playing with a lottery syndicate. These depend on how we are going to approach the betting. It may be a one-off event organised by a few friends or family members, or you may want to dedicate more of a budget and play on a planned schedule. Specifically, we can talk about two types of groups: public and private. Let's take a look at these options.

  • Private groups: this group is organised around people who already know each other: family, friends or colleagues. Maybe someone from your family wants to play a number with you or more members of your family. It used to be common to buy a paper ticket and have one person take care of it or make copies for the rest of the players. Nowadays, it is also possible to create lottery groups on online platforms and add as many members as you want: this makes it much easier and safer as everything is automatically recorded and saved for all players. In addition to transparency, it is also much easier to manage the prizes, as the operator often distributes the winnings evenly.
  • Public groups: in this type of group, anyone who wants to can join and play with other people. Although they have always existed (think for example of lottery groups organised by neighbourhood associations, neighbourhood clubs, etc.), the truth is that this type of group has become especially popular with the emergence of online lottery platforms. Why? Because a group created and managed by the operator himself, allows a much wider reach than that achieved with a network of acquaintances. We are talking about hundreds or thousands of people from all over the world playing for the same prize at the same time; which in turn translates into thousands of bets!

Growth of lottery groups in recent years

Lottery platforms are here to stay. Proof of this is the growth of lottery groups in recent years. Thanks to technology and these platforms, a group or syndicate managed by a website allows hundreds or even thousands of people to play together. Beyond the traditional playing with friends or family. And there is more. Before we only had the possibility to play the lottery in our country. Nowadays we can buy tickets from other countries. Or in other words: playing the lottery with thousands of people from many different countries.

Advantages and disadvantages of lottery groups

Lottery groups have advantages and disadvantages. This is like everything else. Before deciding on this option, it is a good idea to inform yourself a little and make a more complete decision.

  • Advantages: among the advantages we can find is that our chances of winning a prize increase, as we can play with more combinations. It is also much cheaper for us to play in lottery groups than on our own. Playing in a team is also considered an advantage, and it is more fun, don't you think? Another big advantage is that we will play more lotteries without increasing our budget. Especially in the online lottery arena, there are groups that play several lotteries at the same time, such as the Superlotto group that you can find on Lottofy.
  • Disadvantages: Obviously (although not many compared to the advantages of playing with lottery groups or syndicates), there are also some disadvantages to be considered. This depends mainly on the expectations of each person. We can point out some of them and you decide: on the one hand, we cannot control the numbers that are played, as it is the administrator of the group who creates the combinations. And the other disadvantage is that everything the group wins is shared out: we can't keep the whole prize. Of course, winning a share of a multi-million dollar prize can also be a chance to win a million or so. So, basically, if you are willing to sacrifice a million or so for a better chance of winning even a part of the big prize, then groups are definitely the way to go.

Lottery group success stories

There are many success stories of people who decided to play in lottery groups and won a good prize. Let's take a look at some of them.

  • $1.05 billion in Mega Millions: On 22 January 2021, the FLL Wolverine Club made history by hitting the $1.05 billion Mega Millions jackpot. Today, these four members of the Michigan lottery group remain the winners of the second-largest Mega Millions jackpot.
  • $791.1 million in Powerball: Four months after the big Powerball draw on 20 January 2021, four winners, in this case anonymous, came forward to claim their prize. This is the largest prize ever awarded by the Maryland Lottery. Our mysterious and lucky friends called themselves ‘The Power Pack’.
  • $516 million in Mega Millions: This success story features five members of the Peace of Mind Trust syndicate. They won an impressive $516 million, as their Quick Pick ticket matched the Mega Millions numbers drawn on 21 May 2021.
  • $420.9 million in Powerball: On 26 November 2016, twenty co-workers at North American Stamping Group in Portland, Tennessee, members of an office lottery group, matched all six numbers in the Powerball draw. The workers, who were from the sales and quality control departments of the car parts manufacturing plant, each walked away with around $12.7 million each.
  • $448 million in Powerball: in this case it was the members of a lottery group nicknamed ‘Ocean's 16’. They were sixteen colleagues from the Ocean County Department of Vehicle Services in New Jersey (hence the clear reference to the famous Hollywood movie). The draw was held on 7 August 2013. The ‘Ocean “s 16” shared the Powerball grand prize with two other winning tickets. The syndicate went for the lump sum of $86 million, which meant that each member will keep $3.8 million after taxes.
  • €175.4 million in Euromillions: 19 February 2019. Dublin, Ireland. A family shared a ticket in the Euromillions Big Friday (or Superdraw) held on that day. Their ticket was the only one that matched the numbers. This resulted in the Dublin family winning the entire prize - €175.4 million (around £153 million). Not only that, but it also became the biggest lottery prize won in Ireland to date.

As we can see, the chances of winning a prize are greater if we do it through a lottery group or syndicate. With a reasonable budget, without spending too much, we have the option to play more bets and, why not, win good money.

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