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Predictive gaming: the new trend in online gambling

Predictive games are a new format of virtual betting that allows you to win money by predicting the outcome of each game.


What at the beginning started as a novelty, today is already a trend among the best developers of slots and online casino games: the so-called "predictive games", which combine the simplicity of slots games format with the strategy of predicting the outcome of a move, which can be found in other casino games such as roulette or some card games.

Although it is difficult to find a single classification for these games, which combine a diversity of different formats that often recreate "vintage" games such as Minesweeper, the category that best defines them is Predictive Games, since, basically, in all cases the player must predict the outcome of a move when placing his bet.

In any case, the fun of these games is that they are very easy to play, since the player does not need to have great knowledge of strategy as in other games such as poker or blackjack, but at the same time they engage the player much more than slots games, where winning or not depends only on chance.

In this post, we will make a compilation of some of the most popular predictive games of the moment, and that you can also try for free before you start betting.


Aviator is the jewel of the game producer Spribe. It is a crash game, in which a plane taking off starts flying in an upward curve, which multiplies the initial bet more and more as it grows. What is the dilemma faced by the player? Quite simple: the player must decide when to withdraw in time, as the plane can collapse at any time.

Before take-off at the start of each game, players must choose the value of their bet, which starts from a minimum of 0.10€. The higher the bet, the higher the winnings can be, since they are obtained by multiplying the value of the initial bet. The game allows up to two simultaneous bets, which can be handled independently.

Once the plane takes off, the ascending curve will progressively multiply the initial bet, so the longer the plane is in flight, the higher the winnings will be. The only problem is to know how to withdraw in time, since the plane can collapse at any moment, and if we have not yet withdrawn, we will lose our bet.


Spaceman and Space XY

Spaceman (from the producer Pracmatic Play) and Space XY (from the producer Bgaming) are two other crash games, similar to Aviator, since in both the player must withdraw in time before the astronaut (in the case of Spaceman) or the spaceship (in the case of Space XY) collapses.

In the case of Spaceman, the minimum bet starts at 1€ and allows you to place only one bet at a time, although during the game you will have two options to collect while the multiplier grows: collect all and collect 50%. In this way, you will not only play with your bet (for example, €2) but the game also gives you an extra free bet of 50% of what you have bet (in our example, €1) that you can also collect before the astronaut explodes.

In the case of Space XY, the minimum bet is €0.20 and, like Aviator, it allows you to play up to two bets in parallel.



In this fun game, the producer Bgaming brings us a new version of the old and beloved Minesweeper, but where we can win a great reward if we manage to overcome the entire minefield without exploding.

The dynamics of the game is very simple: the player chooses his initial bet, which has a minimum value of €1, and must choose in each of the rows of the minefield the box where to advance. In each row there is a bomb hidden under the grass. If the player manages to avoid it, he can continue to move forward, but if he just steps on the box with the bomb underneath, it will explode and he will lose his bet.

As we advance in each row, our bet is multiplied more and more, so the further we advance, the greater the reward. However, the player can choose whether to reach the end of the field, or to withdraw earlier by collecting the prize won up to that point.



Producers such as Spribe and Bgaming have bet on bringing back into fashion this classic game from the 80's, which has its origin in popular programs such as " The Right Price".

The dynamics of the game is very simple: a ball is thrown in the initial part of the board, and it goes down through the holes that are formed inside the pyramid-shaped board. Depending on the square where the ball lands, players will win more or less with their bets. The farther the bet is from the center, the higher the win multiplier.

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