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Spanish Quiniela Vs Argentine Quiniela: What are the differences?

Although both have the same name and share certain characteristics, the Spanish and Argentine Quinielas are very different games, learn all about them!

Know the differences between the Argentine Quiniela and the Spanish Quiniela
Know the differences between the Argentine Quiniela and the Spanish Quiniela

Although at first glance the Quinielas of Spain and Argentina may seem to be the same thing as they share a common name, the truth is that, if we look closely, we will soon realize that they are very different games.

The fact that both share the same name is because in both cases it is a game of chance where players must predict the outcome of an event. But the fundamental difference lies in what the players must predict.

In the case of Argentine Quiniela, the game is more similar to a lottery, since players must bet on the outcome of a numerical draw. On the other hand, in the case of the Spanish Quiniela, the game is more similar to a series of sports bets, since players must predict the results of several soccer matches in order to win.

We will review each one in depth, so that you can distinguish them and know how to play them.

Argentine Quiniela

This is one of the most popular games of chance in this country, organized by the corresponding lottery organization in each Argentine jurisdiction, and has been officially played since 1971, although its tradition dates back to the early 1900s.

How to play Argentine Quiniela?

The first thing you should know is that in each Argentine Quiniela edition two things are drawn: a 4-digit number between 0000 and 9999, and the position of this number in a table from 1 to 20. Therefore, the day of the draw is played with 5balls : 4 to determine the winning numbers (thousand, hundred, ten and unit), and 1 to determine the position of this numbers.

Therefore, to participate, each player must select 1 number from 1 to 4 digits and its position from 1 to 20. In turn, the player must choose how he/she wants to bet, since he/she can do it in several ways:

  • Header ("A la cabeza"): The player bets on the first number in the table position.
  • Exact ("Exacta"): A single number from 1 to 4 digits is chosen, and a single and specific place in the table.
  • To the Prizes ("A los premios"): Allows betting that the chosen number from 1 to 4 digits will come out in a certain range from 1 to 20: from 1 to 5, from 1 to 10, etc.
  • Redoblona: Allows betting on two numbers (2 digits only) and 2 specific locations on the table.

How to win the Argentine Quiniela?

Depending on the type of bet chosen, you will receive a payout for your bet. For example, if you bet on the Header and match all 4 numbers of the first place, you will win 3,500 times the value of your bet. But if you only match 3 numbers, you will win 600 times the value of your bet.

What is the prize of the Argentine Quiniela?

Argentine Quiniela is a banked game, which means that it does not have a prize pool, but the prize won is determined according to each player's guesses. Depending on the number and type of correct guesses, each player is paid a certain number of times the value of his bet.

In turn, at the time of betting, players can choose from a certain price range to place their wager. Generally, the minimum bet is 10 Argentine pesos and the maximum bet is 30 Argentine pesos.

Spanish Quiniela

This is one of the most popular betting games in Spain, especially among soccer lovers, as it allows you to bet on the results of a series of soccer matches of the Spanish League, the Copa Del Rey, the Champions League, the UEFA League and even matches of national sections and other European leagues.

How to play the Spanish Quiniela?

In the Spanish Quiniela, the objective is to predict the outcome of 14 soccer matches, selecting 3 possible options for each one: victory of the local team (option "1"), tie (option "X") or victory of the visiting team (option "2").

At the same time, there is a final defining match to win the jackpot, called the "Pleno al Quince", where the player must guess not only the winner of the match, but also the number of goals of each team (0, 1, 2 or more).

The player who guesses all 14 matches plus the Pleno al Quince, will be the one who wins the first prize of the Spanish Quiniela.

How to win the Spanish Quiniela?

Mathematically, the odds of winning and correctly predicting the 14 matches plus the Pleno al Quince, are 1 in 4,782,969, although the factor of the player's knowledge must also be taken into account, since, being a sports bet, players who are more knowledgeable about the leagues and teams are more likely to correctly predict the matches.

Although the basic Spanish Quiniela bet is a simple bet, where one outcome is chosen for each match, it is possible to increase the odds of winning by using the multiple betting system, which allows you to choose more than one outcome per match. In total, this system allows you to choose from 1 to 14 double outcomes (two outcomes per match) and/or 1 to 9 triple outcomes (three outcomes per match).

What is the prize of the Spanish Quiniela?

In the case of the Spanish Quiniela, there is a prize pool that is distributed among the winners. In case there are no winners in a day, the prize pool is accumulated and increased for the next draw.

But, in addition to the first prize, it is possible to win in the Spanish Quiniela approximately from10 correct matches, depending on the number of winners of each day.

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