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Strategies to play multiple bets effectively and without spending a lot of money

Have you ever thought about playing multiple bets in the lottery? Increase your chances of winning and optimize your budget with this guide!


Today we bring you a complete guide dedicated to understanding the functioning and usefulness of multiple bets, as well as the best strategies and tools we have developed to optimize the odds of winning at the lowest possible cost. Enjoy it!

What are multiple lottery bets?

Multiple lottery bets consist of selecting several numbers on the same ticket, instead of playing with a single combination as is done in single bets. By marking multiple numbers, you increase the odds of matching at least one of the winning numbers.

The key difference between multiple bets and single bets is that in multiple bets, several combinations are played on the same ticket. Let's take the example of a lottery like Bonoloto, in which each combination is formed by 6 numbers:

  • In a single Bonoloto bet only one combination of 6 numbers can be played.
  • In a multiple bet, if we mark 7 numbers we will play a total of 7 different combinations; if we mark 8 numbers 28 and so on until we reach the allowed limit of numbers in a multiple bet.

In this way, by covering more possibilities in a single ticket, the probabilities of matching at least one of the winning numbers are maximized.

Advantages and disadvantages of multiple bets

Like everything in life, multiple lottery bets have both advantages and disadvantages to consider. One of the main advantages is that by playing more numbers on the same ticket, you increase your chances of hitting a winning combination. Instead of relying on drawing all 6 numbers in a single bet, with multiples you have a better chance of matching some of the winning numbers.

Another advantage is that multiple bets allow for greater diversification of numbers on the same ticket. You can choose numbers from different ranges or with different characteristics, which broadens the chances of success.

However, the most obvious disadvantage is the increased cost of the ticket. Each additional number added to a multiple bet increases the price of the ticket, so the necessary budget grows rapidly. Let's look at an example:

  • If the price of a single bet of 6 numbers (1 combination) is $2.
  • The price of a 7-number multi-bet (7 combinations) is $14
  • The price of a multiple bet of 8 numbers (28 combinations) is $56

Also, while it is true that the odds of winning are increased, depending on the difficulty of the lottery the odds of winning the jackpot will still be very low. Be careful not to overspend thinking that multiples guarantee a prize.

Some factors to consider are the available budget, the attitude towards risk and the real probabilities of hitting a winning combination. The ideal is to find a balance between cost and chances of success when choosing between single and multiple bets.


  • Play more numbers on the same ticket
  • Increased odds of winning a prize
  • Greater diversification of numbers


  • Increased cost per bet
  • Low probability of winning accumulated winnings
  • Risk of overspending

Strategies for playing multi-betting effectively and economically

Playing the lottery with multiple bets can increase your chances of winning, but it also increases the cost. However, at Lottofy we have worked on developing a tool that helps players to place multiple bets in the most optimized way and at the lowest possible cost. They are called the "optimized formulas" or "super formulas", and they use optimized mathematical formulas to reduce the number of combinations but always maintaining a percentage of success determined by the player.

Introduction to Lottofy's optimized formulas

The optimized formulas are a kind of lottery "calculator" that generates intelligent number combinations based on mathematical algorithms. It drastically reduces the number of combinations needed to achieve a specific success rate chosen by the user.

And, of course, let's take a look at an example that will illustrate the usefulness of optimized formulas much better:

Let's go back to the hypothetical case of a 6-number lottery with a price of $2 per bet. If we wanted to play a multiple bet of 9 numbers (84 bets) without optimized formulas, we would have 100% probability of matching all the numbers in the case that the 6 winning numbers were within the 9 numbers chosen. But the total cost of the ticket would be $168.

Normal multiple bet example 1

With an optimized formula, you would have several options to optimize your total bet according to your budget. If you optimize your bet to 5 numbers, for example, you will be guaranteeing a 100% chance of matching 4 of the 6 numbers of the winning combination (always assuming that the winning numbers are within the 9 numbers selected) but, depending on the amount of total bets you choose to optimize, you will reduce the odds of matching 5 and 6 numbers. Let's look at the 2 most extreme cases:

Optimized multiple bet at 5 with 3 bets in total:

  • 6 hits: 3.57% odds.
  • 5 hits: 67.86% chance
  • 4 or less hits: 100% odds
  • Total ticket cost: $6 ($2 x 3)

Optimized multiple bet example 2

Optimized multiple bet at 5 with 12 bets in total:

  • 6 hits: 14.29% probability
  • 5 hits: 100% odds
  • 4 or less hits: 100% odds
  • Total cost of the ticket: $24 ($2 x 12)

As you can clearly see, even maintaining good odds of matching the 6 winning numbers with your 9 selected numbers, optimized multiple bets have a notoriously lower cost than regular multiple bets where you play all combinations at once. Therefore, it is a good cost-benefit ratio to play with and further increase your chances of winning.

Optimized multiple bet example 3

How to use Lottofy to play multiple bets effectively

Using Lottofy is simple. When completing your bet, you will be able to use the optimized formulas by checking the "multiple bets" option and then choosing the optimized formula that meets the success percentages you wish to set. Lottofy will calculate the least amount of combinations you must play to achieve that percentage. This maximizes your odds compared to single bets, but without the need to spend on dozens of tickets.

Additional tips to play multiple bets in a smart way

In addition to using Lottofy, here are some tips to play multiple bets effectively:

  • Take advantage of 2-for-1 offers or discounts on ticket packages to save money.
  • Pick at least half non-consecutive numbers for more coverage.
  • Play the same numbers in consecutive draws to increase your odds.

By following these recommendations you can optimize your multiple lottery bets and increase your chances of winning without spending a fortune. Good luck!

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