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The Lottery Glossary: Ultimate Guide

All the terms you need to know to be a lottery master

Learn the main lottery terms and expressions
Learn the main lottery terms and expressions

If you are just starting in the lottery world, surely you have come across some terms that you did not know: jackpots, multiple bets, series... In the lottery world, there are several words that not all players are familiar with, especially if they are less experienced players.

However, it is often important to be clear about some terms before placing a bet, so that we do not miss anything important and we can make our bet correctly. So, if you had doubts about the meaning of any word or you just want to review it, here you have a complete glossary with all the main terms used in the world of lotteries.


Accumulation: This term is used to indicate that the prize has not been won and, therefore, its amount is added to that of the next draw, increasing in value.


Bet: each bet allows you to choose the numbers with which you will participate in the draw.

Complementary: In some lotteries, it is an additional number that we must select to complete our bet.


Full 15: It is a section of the Spanish Quiniela game, where it is necessary to mark the exact result in goals of the last game of the bet.

Fund: It is a game modality where all the players who join the fund contribute 50% of their prizes to a common fund that is distributed among all the participants of the fund, proportionally to the amount of bets shared by each one.


Gordo: It can have two meanings: on the one hand, it can refer to a Spanish lottery game called the Gordo de la Primitiva and, on the other hand, it can refer to the Christmas lottery jackpot.

Group: A group, also called a "pool " or " syndicate ", refers to a group of players who buy several bets together. To join the group, one must contribute one or more participations. With the money from all the participations, several bets are bought and, if prizes are won, these are distributed among all the participants of the group, proportionally to the number of participations contributed by each one.


Jackpot: It is the popular name in several countries for the lottery main prize.

Jolly: Jolly is the complementary number drawn during the Superenalotto lottery drawing, which allows players who matched 5 of the 6 numbers to win the second prize in case they matched the Jolly number.


Line: This is the name sometimes given to each of the bets that make up a ticket.


Mega Ball: It is known as Mega Ball to the complementary number that must be marked in the Mega Millions lottery to complete the bet.

Million ("The Million"): It is an additional game of the Euromillions lottery played in Spain, which draws an additional prize of 1 million euros in each Euromillions draw among all players who have purchased a bet in Spain.

Multiple Bet: It is a type of bet that allows the selection of additional numbers in the bet, which increases the probability of winning. It is only allowed in some lotteries.

Multiplier: In some lotteries, a multiplier is a number that allows to multiply the winnings of the prize.


Participation: It is how each player's contribution to enter a group is called.

Pedrea: It is a category of prizes of the Christmas Lottery, consisting of prizes of one thousand Euros.

Pick 8: This is an optional type of game that can be played in the Spanish Quiniela. It consists of choosing 8 of the 14 matches selected in the bet. If the results of these 8 matches are correct, the additional prize distributed by this optional game is won.

Pool: It is another term used to name the lottery groups.

Powerball: In addition to being the name of a lottery, it can also refer to the complementary number that must be marked on the Powerball bet in order to complete it.

Powerplay: It is a type of additional game that can be played in the Powerball lottery.


Quadra: Is the popular name for the first third prize in the Mega-Sena lottery.

Quina: It is how the second prize of the Mega-Sena lottery is popularly known.

Quiniela: It can refer to two different types of lotteries: the Argentine Quiniela is a game of probabilities, while the Spanish Quiniela is a game of predicting the results of a series of 15 soccer matches.


Reintegro: A number that is drawn in some Spanish lotteries and that, in the case of a successful bet, allows you to recover the money on the ticket.


Sena: It is how the first prize of the Mega-Sena lottery is popularly known.

Series: It is the name given to a run of tickets with the same number.

Single Bet: It is a type of bet where the minimum amount of numbers needed to win is selected. It is the most common type of bet in all lotteries.

Stars: The complementary numbers that must be marked in the Euromillions lottery to complete the bet.

Suns: It is known as Suns to the complementary numbers that must be marked in the Eurojackpot lottery to complete the bet.

Superzahl: It is known as Superzahl to the complementary number that is drawn during the Lotto6aus49 lottery drawing, and that joins the rest of the numbers to form some of the prize categories.

Syndicate: It is another term used to name lottery groups.


Tenth: In the National, Christmas and El Niño Lottery, each of the bets that can be played is known as a tenth. In total, there are 10 tenths per ticket, so each ticket (the number and its series) is divided into ten tenths that share the same number.

Ticket: Is the section where all the lottery numbers are located, and that we must complete by marking the numbers we want to play to place our bet.


Withholding: It is the percentage of taxes or other withholdings that is deducted from the total value of the prize.

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