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The Oscars 2023 are coming: A look at the top 10 lottery movies to watch in the run-up to the ceremony

Sunday, March 12 marks the 95th edition of the Academy Awards for the best in film, and we lottery and movie lovers are celebrating with this review of the best lottery movies.

Top 10 lottery movies for the weekend
Top 10 lottery movies for the weekend

The golden carpet of the most awaited gala in the world of spectacle is beginning to roll out, and movie lovers are already starting to make their betting pools to bet on their great favorites. This Sunday, March 12, the 95th edition of the Oscars will be held in Los Angeles, a gala that has been honoring the best of U.S. and world cinema for almost a century.

And, to commemorate this long-awaited day, today we'll take a look at the 10 best lottery-related movies to include in your playlist in the run-up to the most famous gala in cinema.

10. Villaviciosa de al lado (IMDb 4.6).

This hilarious 2016 Spanish comedy starring celebrated comedy actress Carmen Machi is set in a small town called Villaviciosa, where the local men are used to hanging out at the local hostess club unbeknownst to their wives. However, luck (or not) seems to fall on the town when news breaks that the lottery has been won, but the number has been sold at the club. While the local men do their best to collect the money without their wives knowing about it, their wives begin to spy around the club to find out if their husbands have been the lucky ones.

9. Lucky Numbers (IMBd 5.1)

Starring none other than John Travolta (Saturday Night Fever) and Lisa Kudrow (Firends), this 2000 film is a hilarious comedy where a weatherman, recognized as a local celebrity by his viewers, faces serious financial problems in his private life. Together with his girlfriend, a stewardess who presents the state lottery numbers on TV, they create a plan to rig the results and cheat the state lottery to keep the prize.

8. Welcome to Me (IMBd 5.9)

In this 2014 film, actress Kristen Wiig plays Alice Klieg, a woman with a personality disorder who wins the famous Mega-Millions lottery and believes she has found the solution to all her problems, so she stops taking her medication and invests the money in her own talk show. However, her obsession with being famous begins to create more and more problems with the people around her. A darkly humorous comedy but full of reflections on mental health that is worth watching.

7. Finder's Fee / A Very Dangerous Game (IMBd 6.3)

What would you do if you came across a wallet on the street and realized it contained a winning lottery ticket for $6 million? This is the dilemma facing Tepper, played by Erik Palladino and featuring Ryan Reynolds. After finding the wallet on his way home, he contacts the owner to return it, but just then realizes that inside is the winning ticket. What would you do in his place?

6. It Could Happen to You (IMBd 6.4)

Lovers of actor Nicolage Cage, will not be able to pass up this fun 1994 romantic comedy, partially based on the true story of a New York cop and a waitress. The character played by Cage, is a beloved New York cop who, realizing he doesn't have enough money to tip a waitress after a coffee, decides to pay her instead with a lottery ticket, promising to pay her half the prize if he wins the next day. However, he must confront his wife when, after winning the lottery, he decides to return to keep his word.

5. Uptown Saturday Night (IMBd 6.6)

This 1974 comedy takes us to the illegal nightclub Madame Zenobia's, where one night a criminal gang breaks in to rob the show's attendees. However, the desperation of a couple of friends increases even more, when they realize that in one of the wallets they were robbed, there was a winning lottery ticket, so they begin a crazy odyssey to try to recover it.

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (IMBd 6.7)

Although it's not exactly about winning the lottery, this endearing 2005 film starring Johnny Depp tells the story of little Charlie, a boy who wins one of the 5 golden tickets inside a chocolate bar that will allow him to be one of the lucky few to visit the world's largest chocolate factory, where the eccentric owner Willy Wonka awaits them.

3. Jerry & Marge Go Large (IMBd 6.9)

Although we've talked about this 2022 film based on the true story of Jerry and Marge Selbee's marriage before, we couldn't help but include it on this list. Starring Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Annette Bening (American Beauty), it tells the story of a retired mathematician who one day discovers by chance the formula that will allow him to start winning the lottery time after time, until he amasses a fortune of $26 million that he shares with the rest of the inhabitants of his town.

2. 29th Street (IMBd 7.2)

Approaching the end of the list, we come across this 1991 comedy-drama, which tells the story of Frank Pesce, a man who has been very lucky throughout his life. So lucky, that one day he discovers he has won $6 million in the New York lottery. But then, why does he show up throwing stones at a church after winning the prize? Frank will tell us his gripping story after being arrested at the police station.

1. Waking Ned (IMBd 7.3)

And, at the top of our list, we find this endearing film with hints of comedy from 1998, which tells the story of Ned Devine, an old man from an Irish village who, when he learns that he has won the lottery, dies after a heart attack caused by the excitement of the news received. The film focuses on the adventures in which his friends in the village entrust themselves to collect the money by pretending to be the deceased, with the intention of sharing it with the whole village.

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